Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Entreaties Receive Divine Assistance

A community member appeared before the LSA about a matter of significant personal concern. The Assembly, in response, consulted and proposed a thoughtful course of action. The petitioner listened carefully, then raised a series of objections, and anticipated difficulties in carrying out the suggestions.

The following week, the petitioner returned to the LSA with another issue, and the previous week's scenario played out again, with the petitioner at odds with the Assembly.

This continued for well over a month. Each time the friend presented some new problem, consultation ensued, and the friend raised objections to the guidance. By this time, the poor Assembly members were frustrated and in a general dither, not knowing how to assist the petitioner.

After a month of meetings, the friend sought more guidance. And, once more, the petitioner presented a new problem. Frazzled, but willing to consult one more time, the believer was invited to step into the next room while the Assembly consulted, and was asked and asked to recite the "The Remover of Difficulties" prayer 95 times while the LSA members consulted.

After consultation, one of the members went to fetch the believer from the room. The bewildered Assembly member returned to the group, and reported...

"The room is EMPTY"!


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